Good information for those of us with goats

Those of use that raise goats and sheep have a lot to be careful of but unless you’ve had to face this you probably didn’t even know it could happen to your favorite wether, buck, or ram. But Bladder Stones, also known as Urinary Calculi, can be deadly if not identified and treated quickly. The recommended treatment is to use Ammonium Chloride (which is in a lot for mineral and feed mixes) in a heavy does to acidify the urine and dissolve the stones. The problem is that most feed stores and vets don’t seem to carry it, since it is easily found online and is cheap. That may be true but by the time you order it online and it’s delivered you will probably have an animal that suffered a painful death or was euthanized. Well I found a post that has a treatment (though it may not be 100% it did work for them when their wether was totally blocked), and the ingredients can be purchased from the local grocery store.

Goat Medical Emergency – A Close Call – BobCat Acres Times

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Some helpful info for you rabbit keepers

Rabbits are probably one of the best homestead animals. They not only produce food but they also produce some of the best fertilizer for your gardens, and depending on your breed luxurious fiber (angora), and if your so inclined furs.

No other animal can give so much in such a small space, but there are necessary things you need to do, as with any other livestock. Here is a good video on one of those tasks, checking and cleaning the rabbits ears.

Hope you find it helpful.

Rabbit Ear Cleaning Time – BobCat Acres Times

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Things don’t always go the way you expect on a homestead.

Well sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect on a homestead. At this place the arrival of some new animals is a cause for some funny video.

If you ever wondered what pasture surfing is check it out.

New Arrivals and Farmer Bob Goes Pasture Surfing – BobCat Acres Times

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Something that needs to be done for all small ruminants

Found this video on something that all of us that have small ruminants, such as goats and sheep, need to do on a regular basis. This is a very informative video showing how this homestead does the job for both their sheep and goats.

De-Worming the Lambs and Goat – BobCat Acres Times

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This is a question we all seem to get

There is one question we all seem to get now that the TV show Doomsday Preppers has been on.

That question is “Are you a Prepper?”.

Well here is an interesting take on that question from another blog.

BobCat Acres Times – Are You A Prepper?

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Welcome to the new Adventures in Homesteading

Welcome to our site.

We will provide you both information and fun from the world of homesteading.

Those of us enjoying this lifestyle know that it’s not all fun and games and we want to show it all here, the good, the bad, and the ugly (or muddy).

Please come back soon and often to get some worlds of wisdom or a laugh.


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